Finding the Best Architect for Your Home

Finding the right architect is about finding what matters to you. By understanding what motivates your home project, the right architect will create work that meets your goals for design, details and budget. The right architect will essentially make a project come to life. As part of our Design-Build service, Comstock Residential Contracting will match you up with the architect that will best suit their needs.

Not every architect in Westchester or Fairfield is right for every job. There are subtle differences between each architect’s style, capabilities and skills that can make or break your home renovation or construction project. Prices and expertise can vary wildly. You might be stuck with an architect that doesn’t share your vision at all.

The Difference the Right Architect Can Make

With Comstock’s encyclopedic knowledge of all Westchester and Connecticut’s best architects, trust us to find one that will work with you to design a home project you’ll love. Over the course of hundreds of jobs in New York and Connecticut, we’ve found what different architects’ strengths and weaknesses are. So count on us to recommend an architect to help your vision become a reality.

Think of it as architectural matchmaking. In fact, our architectural recommendations so accurate, not one of our clients has ever needed a second option. We’re just that good.

You’ll probably even save money over trying to manage this yourself.

Deciphering Architectural Plans

Once you have an architect working for you, it can be hard to figure out what they want to do. When a plan comes back to you, it’s little more than a beautifully rendered architectural drawing. Without a construction management partner, it’s up to you to figure out the logistics of the build, the materials and the costs associated with all of this.

As part of our ongoing construction management and hands-on service, Comstock Residential Contracting can figure that out for you. We’ll provide detailed specifications for the materials required to complete the project, filling in the blanks in the architectural design. We speak architect and can help you decode what the drawings mean for your plans with material options that fit within your budget.

Throughout the process, Comstock will be your advocate to make sure your dream doesn’t exceed your budget.